Authorship – perosnalized tattoo – unique

Do not put yourself in the shadow of an imitation, clone, copy. It takes your power.

Those who are brave enough to reveal a part of who they really are and express their attitude and courage, resolution and individuality on their skin, they become the pioneers of change – a change of their being, their body, an expansion of what was given by the nature.

It comes as a no surprise that in modern times personalized tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity among professional sportsmen and other successful, extraordinary and creative people. We live in an era where most people are either satisfied to be imitators, clones and copy cats, falling prey to the ‘truths’ imposed upon them, or have admitted defeat and retreated into futile fantasies and dreams that will never come to life, receding back to the ever more obscure nooks and corners of one’s personality, into the deepest shadows of the soul, losing their power and inspiration in the process

The answers to these questions will initiate the creative process of a personalized tattoo generation.

How personalized tattoo is become !?

The answer is very simple, actually – you already have your own tattoo somewhere deep down in your soul! It is etched in your mind like some sort of a mystic symbol. At this very moment you have the answers to all the questions regarding your personality and your life and it is these answers and these images that will make the basis of your personalized tattoo.

An experienced tattoo master endowed with both talent and a workmanship of the highest order will talk to you over and over again until he gets to know the most important answers: Which tattoo is already present as an image in your soul? How that image affects you? Which symbol you are wiling to stand up for? What are your ideals? What would you fight for? Where is this symbol taking you? How far are you wiling to go to become a role model for someone else, a symbol of its own.

How to get a personalized tattoo – a step-by-step guide:

  • Contact us and schedule the first interview
  • Getting to know each other
  • Working on ideas, images and symbols
  • Making sketches of your personalized images and symbols
  • Drawing the chosen design on canvas (optional)
  • Developing personalized design until the final, most satisfying solution has been reached
  • Having a tattoo done (in Sindjel Center or at some other tattoo studio)