Prejudice against tattoo and piercing is now a matter of the past. At long last body art has got its rightful place in the contemporary society, as a special kind of body decoration/modification. Our wish here is to draw your attention to a very special type of body art, little known amongst the wider population. If you have never been thinking about tattoos and body piercing in these terms, we shall be glad to tell you about what we have done in this area so far, hundreds of problems we solved and all the possibilities corrective body art can offer. It deals not only with your physical scars, but also with the psychological ones: by making the unpleasant marks on your body less visible or even completely invisible, these procedures help your psychological traumas heal as well.

Corrective tattoos

Corrective tattoos are an efficient way to camouflage and cover scars, keloid scars, old burn marks, vitiligo, old strias, to reconstruct lost eyebrows or even recreate nipples after mastectomy and breast reconstruction. In an era when plastic surgery is becoming more and more accessible, camouflaging scars made by aesthetic and other surgeries is a very popular procedure. C-section scars, birthmark scars, scars resulting from accidents and bodily injuries or auto-destructive behaviour in one’s youth, all sorts of cuts and even suicide scars… they can all be successfully covered up. Corrective tattoos make it possible to remove the reminders of painful memories from your skin thus allowing you to do away with the moments you want to forget.

This humane discipline also includes cover-ups and re-does of old unsuccessful tattoos causing their owners serious complexes, making them hide and feel ashamed of their bodies.

Sudden growth, losing or gaining weight can cause strias, which also can be successfully covered by tattooing.

What makes the application of body art in solution of the above named problems so special is the fact that a part of your body previously perceived as damaged, less worthy or even mutilated, now acquires a whole new meaning and value, for you and for your environment alike. You and we shall work together to find a solution to your problem: together we shall choose a style, an image, colours… and use them to build and design a new tissue which will liberate you, inspire you with new energy, bring a smile back to your face, making you more beautiful and happy. Where you had to live with damage, you will get a space to express your individuality, freedom, creativity and celebrate a truly important and special victory!

Make an appointment with us, tell us about your problem and we shall be happy to help you find the best possible solution for You.

Our rich experience in corrective tattooing ensures our paying special attention to problems of this kind. After all these years, a successful resolution of each individual case represents a unique and valuable experience and always a new challenge no matter how many we have had before. Our laser bleaching stains, freckles, reduces scarring, refreshes and rejuvenates the face.